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MediaXchange has a 29 year history of facilitating the creative and business interests of clients entering the international tier of the entertainment industry
Within this global economy, companies need the right information and the right contacts for access and success. All elements of the Entertainment industries, from creating content to business applications and traditional distribution to new media, are strongly influenced by opportunities and interests in the international market place. Trends in finance, content and talent cross borders, rapidly altering the local landscape.

Based in Los Angeles and London, MediaXchange is a media consultancy assisting entertainment industry professionals to develop effective knowledge, contacts and business in the international marketplace.

Founded in 1991 by CEO Katrina Wood, MediaXchange’s roster of returning clients and new participants from around the world encompasses studios and networks, creative and business executives, writers and developers, financiers and filmmakers, government agencies and industry associations.

The range of services we are able to provide is drawn from our unique global perspective. In collaboration with you, we design a route to your desired destination.

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The team

Ben Keen

Non Executive Chairman

In addition to serving as Non-Executive Chairman of MediaXchange, Ben is Strategic Advisor to immersive entertainment research firm Greenlight Insights, Senior Advisor to start-up accelerator Match-Maker Ventures, Senior Associate at digital sports consultancy Seven League, International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) Content Steering Board Member, advisor to 3 media-tech start-ups, and expert advisor to high-level government-industry liaison organisation British Screen Advisory Council.

Until 2017, Ben was Chief Analyst & VP for TMT at IHS Markit and before that was instrumental in building leading research firm Screen Digest, sold to IHS in 2010. Ben has delivered over 1,000 presentations and lectures, including keynote addresses at many international conventions and guest lectures at leading University business schools. Additionally, he has contributed articles to more than 20 different books, magazines and newspapers.

Katrina Wood

Founder and CEO

Katrina Wood Chief Executive Officer and Founder of MediaXchange Ltd., built the international profile of the company on two main principles: entertainment is a global business and it is also very much a people business.

From the two media centres of Los Angeles and London, Katrina has built and unrivalled network of creative and business professionals across the globe.

She brings to her work a rich hybrid of information and access, providing a versatile and unique resource enabling clients to develop and expand their corporate and project interests in the global market place. Her innovative and informed vision brings international ambitions to life.

Joerg Bachmaier 


Based in Los Angeles, Joerg strategically advises and supports MediaXchange on all aspects of the US business from creative development and production, international co-productions to emerging and digital media consultancy, training and events.

As global entertainment expert for Warner Bros., BBC, CNN, Endemol, and others, Joerg aligns strategic vision, focus and investment with changing TV market needs and new D2C, streaming content opportunities.

In addition, Joerg is Executive Producer for two upcoming Netflix series, “Transformers” and “Tekken” and lectures a class about “the Future of Digital Media and the Entertainment Industry” at USC Cinematic Arts.

Alison Simmonds

Director of Programmes and Information

Alison devises and coordinates services for MediaXchange’s extensive range of specialised events and client development for senior media professionals.

Having spent 12 years as a consultant in Hollywood, Alison returned to the UK in 2011 and is based in the North West of England. Prior to her years in LA, the earlier part of her UK career was spent in Programme Acquisition and Business Affairs at ITV, BSkyB and Channel 4, working closely with Programme Directors and Commissioning Editors on the selection, negotiation and contracting of programming from suppliers from all over the world.

Omar Zavala

Director of Operations

Omar oversees budgeting, financial planning and general administrative affairs for MediaXchange, based in the London Office.

Omar’s experience in consulting and risk assessment with firms such as Ernst & Young and ING, combined with his MA in Filmmaking from The London Film School, allow him to offer balanced advice and a complete perspective to MediaXchange’s clients in the Creative Vision and business strands.

Francis Foster

Head of Creative Services

Francis joined MediaXchange early in 2014 as a Coordinator, working with Katrina and other members of the team on projects in Europe and the US.

Previously, Francis worked for a Business Consultancy in London and on International Development projects based in Seville.

He graduated from The University of York in 2011 with a BA in Psychology and Sociology.

Tamara Romaniuk

Head of US Operations

Tammy returned to MediaXchange early 2015 after having worked, in the 90’s in New York, with Katrina for 7 years. Tammy spearheads the Los Angeles branch of MediaXchange operating as point person on the company’s Creative Vision strand of international events for writers, producers, and executives of film, television, and new media.

Prior to MediaXchange, she worked with Media Match (US Film and tv recruitment company) for 13 years, where she was the Client Relations Director, responsible for client relations and developing technological advancements to enhance the customers package and overall experience of the website.

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