Our core services

Our unique perspective and insight on the international entertainment industry translates into personalised advice that expands the business and creative elements of our clients’ global interests

We employ our wide experience of creative and management systems and processes to create bespoke events that assist markets and companies to evolve their domestic industry success

We facilitate the exchange of knowledge and experiences between our clients and peers across the globe, by underpinning our own expertise and with the knowledge, insight and capability of world leaders in international content

We offer the industry a range of tools, to strengthen and embed the application of newly learned systems and successful best practices


MediaXchange’s unique perspective on the international business and creative elements of the industry provides specialized advice personally crafted to expand your interests globally

For those with proven success at home who now look to enter the competitive global English marketplace, MediaXchange designs highly effective, personalized entry plans by:

  • Providing management strategy thinking and analysis to inspire competitive TV Channels and Production Companies
  • Connecting with our considerable network of industry experts who specialize in identifying and amplifying the creative elements of locally successful series that translate into sales interest in multiple territories
  • With clients hailing from every country in Europe, our range now extends East to Turkey, Croatia, and the UAE

MediaXchange is equally experienced with creative interests and can put to work a considerable network of industry specialists to hone a local show’s success with elements that will ensure the potential of sales to multiple territories. Examples include a comedy from Belgium, an historical drama from Austria and a modern thriller series from Germany

“The kick start MediaXchange gave me has proved invaluable”

Tony Wood

CEO, Buccaneer Media, UK

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MediaXchange has launched a programme of events which directly address the creative and business targets of industry professionals in the global marketplace. Uniquely formatted sessions inform and inspire by bringing together writing and producing creatives in dedicated forums where they can directly interact on the potential for partnerships and collaboration

The Business of Scripted – Bringing together the strands of new perspectives and new models concerning the funding and exploitation of scripted television, The Business of Scripted is presented by those actually concluding deals in the international marketplace. Get the inside track on what underpins financing and coproduction demands, and assess the risks and benefits of their application to your own projects in development

Drama Summit West connects the US and international drama business to facilitate new production, coproduction, finance and creative partnerships. This one-day networking event is all about new models and a fresh approach

  •  Leading showrunners talk shop
  • Keynote sessions define the dramatic future
  • Drama commissioners explain their scripted strategy
  • Global financing
  • Copro marketplace

“This was one of the best conferences I’ve been to hands down

It really is and always will be a relationship business and, for me, that is what MediaXchange is all about”

Chris Loveall

VP, Intl. Programming, AMC/SUNDANCE

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Our global business is underpinned by 25 years of experience in the exchange of interests, knowledge and opportunities between those wishing to expand their business worldwide. Los Angeles and London are the media centres around which we build our Exchanges. From the solid foundation of the experience and success of these two mature leading markets, we reach across creative, business, digital and new technology boundaries to offer Exchanges which inform you about new markets and provide access to key players to build connections to new partners, projects and ventures

Showrunner Exchange: TV Drama – Click here for latest Brochure and Registration

Established in 1999, the programme provides an unparalleled insight into the US Television Drama industry and its creative principals. The Showrunner Exchange in Los Angeles allows access to the best creators, writers and network executives in the industry. Participants will discuss the creative process and observe episodes of these shows being written, produced and broadcast. A participant group of Drama writers, producers and executives drawn from across the world will also enjoy the additional benefit of sharing the breadth of experience represented within the group itself

New Takes on Comedy Exchange: Los Angeles – Click here for Brochure and Registration

The week-long Exchange schedule offers those creating, writing, developing, producing or scheduling comedy, a powerful combination of perspectives. Through exposure to a range of experienced practitioners and existing models, you will be able to examine the evolving landscape of US comedy, from Showrunner led sitcoms to the latest developments in hybrid comedy/entertainment formats

Connect to Hollywood – Click here for Brochure and Registration

Now entering its third year, Connect to Hollywood is designed to identify top-calibre series with the potential to attract interest from the US market. Participants are inducted in US pitching processes and will have opportunities to meet one on one to pitch Agents, Networks, Showrunners, Executives, Producers and Sales Agents with the aim of securing US partners and exploring the creative and commercial potential of their concept

Due to the highly tailored schedule of meetings for individual projects, places will be limited

Connect to Hollywood is offered exclusively for past participants in MediaXchange’s Los Angeles Exchanges and The European TV Drama Lab (The European TV Drama Lab is produced in association with the Erich Pommer Institut and the support of Creative Europe)


SoapRunner Exchange: UK or Continuing Drama Exchange – Soaps are Continuing Dramas and a massive powerhouse for any TV channel in terms of the high viewing figures and the returning audience. Send the creative team from your Soap to spend time with writers, producers and TV channel executives of leading UK Soaps to examine the story, long term planning and production process so key to a Soap’s success

Add the option for your full writing team to workshop on story planning and strategies for improving collaboration

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If a current Brochure link is not available for any of the above, please Contact Us for latest details

“I went straight back into my writers room charged with lots of energy and new ideas. Your sessions have made me much more focused

That’s one of the best things I learned from speaking to other showrunners”

Erik Skjoldbjaerg

Creator / Director / Executive Producer, Occupied, Norway

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MediaXchange subscribes to the importance of continuity through longer running programmes to successfully underpin the application of newly learned skills and best practices provided by the high level professionals leading the following specially designed programmes

Advanced Writing For TV Drama – This programme (funded by the High End TV Levy through Creative Skillset) completed its third module in January 2018. Click here for the Progress Report. The 2017-2018 Programme will culminate in a round of Spring pitching sessions. The first round will be targeted at the HETV Levy companies whose contributions have supported this Programme. The second will be open to the whole drama industry

The Programme is designed to build the professional writing skills and collaborative principles necessary to succeed at the highest level in the competitive genre of primetime drama. The training programme is for writers with proven credits and experience who have been nominated by a senior industry professional and are able to provide references from two additional referees, whose own credits and experience are acknowledged in the drama arena. More information can be found at Application Form and Terms & Conditions. We are currently working on the potential return of the programme for 2018-2019

MediaXchange Diversity Programme – Please contact us for more information

European Television Drama Lab – This event is presented, for the seventh year, in association with the Erich Pommer Institut and the support of Creative Europe – the MEDIA programme of the European Union. European executive producers, writers and broadcasters have a unique opportunity to explore and assess processes and systems applicable to creative projects to enhance the development, writing, production and broadcast of sustainable long running drama series

Incubator – Contact us if you are interested in bringing together the best talent in your territory with those in the international marketplace who seek to develop formats for the global market

Please contact us to discuss

“Thanks so much for putting together such an excellent programme – full of enlightenment and inspiration!

It was a very impressive roster of top-notch speakers”

Ben Morris

Writer, Bancroft, Mr. Selfridge, UK
Advanced Writing for Television Drama

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