January 31st, 2020


A Forum for lawyers, business affairs professionals, MDs and Producers to share knowledge, experience and strategies, facilitating international coproduction business interests in the global market place

March 15 - 20, 2020

Los Angeles


The Spring edition will celebrate the 22nd year of our popular Showrunner Exchange. The fast paced schedule provides access to the best creators, writers, show teams and drama executives of established US shows. Mix with top US Showrunners and observe their role and styles in executing primetime US Drama series across all platforms.

March 17 - 25, 2020

New York/Los Angeles

Independent Film Exchange New York/Los Angeles

Connect with US producers, distributors, studios and financiers seeking the best ideas and potential partnerships for independent films with a global reach.  

The Exchange will introduce participants to those professionals who represent the best of the Indie Film world in these two major hubs of the US Film industry to promote collaboration and joint interests to mount films successfully in the world market.

June 22 – 26, 2020

Application deadline: April 15, 2020
Los Angeles

Following the success of the inaugural Exchange in 2019, the Women Writers Exchange will return in 2020 to build on the industry’s focus on ensuring a wider representation of women in creative roles.  Providing an unparalleled insight into the US Television Drama industry, and its creative and production principles, the 5 days of industry meetings will optimise the participants’ creative and business ambitions.

Year round

Los Angeles

Tailored schedules provide the opportunity to pitch Agents, Networks, Showrunners, Producers and Sales Agents with the aim of securing US partners and exploring the creative and commercial potential of your concept

Launched in 2016, the Soaprunner Exchange addresses the challenges faced by the studios, executive producers and writers, in maintaining strong storylines for multi-episode or multi-season, returning drama serials and series – the Soaps, Telenovelas and Continuing Dramas

The Exchange utilises the UK’s strong continuing drama landscape providing contrasting sessions with key drama providers for the creative team from a visiting show to analyse and explore the successful writing and producing elements of long running shows in the UK and the new developments in this arena

MediaXchange reserves the right to change the dates and content of its Exchanges, Events and Programmes as circumstances dictate

In light of continually expanding opportunities provided by the international markets, please contact us to review your corporate interests and projects for coproduction to build business and creative strategies to expand your international presence