The Producers’ league

In the accelerated change that is now central to our industry we are aiming to provide glue, to the evolving information and analysis, to help make sense of your creative and business strategies and to make your progress efficient
and even fun

We are very excited to build out from our alumni base a new commuity
aptly called ‘The Producers’ League

Members will have exclusive access to a package of our growing series
of recurrent online and live programmes, covering the essential components comprising the creation, development and production of international
scripted content

Members’ Profile

The carefully crafted roster of services aims to complement the skills and experience of Producers and Executives – above all, professionals who are passionate about creating significant scripted television that will travel through the global marketplace.

What’s Included

The Stage

Using as a foundation to our work the ‘The Stage’ is a monthly, online, gathering of Producers and MDs, curated by international industry expert Dr. Angus Finney (Author: The International Film and TV Business – A Market Guide Beyond Hollywood).

Angus will dissect the most relevant developments of the month in the global Scripted arena and assess its impact on the international drama content ecosystem thereby assisting the decisions you will need to be making.

First session to be launched at the end of January 2023

The Drug of the Show

Hosted by writer/director Victor Levin (Mad Men, Mad About You), ‘The Drug of the Show’ is MediaXchange’s unique online quarterly series that brings together experienced and passionate storytellers and scripted professionals to discuss and interrogate what makes certain television shows compulsive and irresistible.

2021 guests included Sally Wainwright and Saverio Costanzo.

We believe that in today’s cluttered and crowded media world, such uniqueness is the only way to break through. But how do you turn your viewers into diehard fans of the show only you can produce? It will be our task to explore that question by examining how other people have done it.

Business & Legal

‘Business & Legal’ is our forum for Producers, MDs and Business Affairs Professionals, to complement and update their business models and the underlying thinking, before taking their projects to market, whether the focus is on co-productions, distribution or financing.

In 2023, our ‘Business & Legal’ online sessions will cover the following key regions prior to these markets (exact dates to be confirmed):
Scandinavia (January): TV Drama Vision during The Gothenburg Film Festival
Germany (February): Berlinale Series Market during the European Film Market
France (March): Festival Series Mania
UK (November): Content London

Sessions will be curated and moderated by representatives from the ‘Business & Legal’ Advisory Council of legal professionals, and will include established experts from the international tier of the industry.


10% discount on all our other top online and live programmes, such as ‘Storytelling for Scripted TV with John Yorke’ (discount valued at GBP 75.00) and ‘Showrunner TV Drama Exchange – Los Angeles‘ (discount valued at USD 1,050.00; terms and conditions apply).


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Terms and Conditions

– 10% discount for all programmes, applicable ONLY to ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTIONS and LIMITED to one redemption per membership for each individual online or live programme during the year of subscription. For example, during the year of membership, one member can redeem their 10% discount for one of the two annual editions of Showrunner Drama Exchange.
– Redemptions are limited to the maximum capacity of participants for each online or live programme.
– Discounts DO NOT APPLY to bespoke consultancies.
– For further reference, please review our general ‘Terms and Conditons’ for Online and Live programmes.