THE FILM BUSINESS – Today and into the Future

International film expert – Executive Producer, Lecturer and Author Angus Finney delivers for the first time an exclusive opportunity to learn and discuss with him the core subjects of his renowned programme and best-selling book ‘The International Film Business’.  The sessions will reflect the fast-evolving changes in the Entertainment Value Chain, to in turn promote solutions and opportunities for those participating.

In a series all independent of each other (Film Finance, Development and Production,  Marketing and Distribution), Angus will introduce to participants the key aspects of  development, production, marketing and distribution.

There will be an opportunity for Q&A at the end of each session

“His in-depth knowledge of the international film business is highly respected. Any course designed, directed and delivered by Angus is a course well worth taking.”

Phil Hunt

Co-owner and founder of Head Gear Films, Bankside Films, Bohemia Media

In light of continually expanding opportunities provided by the international markets, please contact us to review your corporate interests and projects for coproduction to build business and creative strategies to expand your international presence