The Drug of The Show
Making Television that Matters

DATE: 25th February 2021, 4pm GMT/8am PST, 90 Minutes

Hosted by writer/director Victor Levin (Mad Men, Survivor’s Remorse).
Fees: February session will be free, the next sessions will be part of a yearly subscription

“What do I, uniquely, have to say? How can I, uniquely, say it?” Finding those answers is the most important part of the journey toward creative and commercial success.

The purpose of this workshop series is to bring together experienced and passionate scripted professionals to discuss and interrogate what makes certain television shows unique, compulsive, and irresistible, the better to create such shows ourselves.

Who can participate?

Writers, Directors, Producers, Executives, Development Executives – above all, professionals who are passionate about creating significant scripted television

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All Online Programmes will be conducted in English

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