Make it in america
THE us scripted exchange

Understand the US Market & Pitch your Project
to Potential Partners

With 100s of yearly scripted series commissioned by more than 80+ buyers, the US remains the most active territory for Scripted Television

With higher budgets, greater appetite for long-running series and the great potential for international sales, the market remains hugely lucrative for the few international producers who manage to gain traction. However, the nuances of the market configuration and the unique creative process can be challenging for even the most experienced producers to navigate

This programme will provide producers with the market orientation and partnership introductions to provide a foundation to their success

Producers with active project suitable to the US market
Broadcast Executives seeking US original content

Understand the who’s who of buyers, studios, production companies, agents, and managers in the US landscape

Learn how to present yourself and your project. Learn from other Hollywood outsiders who’ve infiltrated and found success in the industry

Tailored introductory meetings includes 6x market insight sessions and a schedule of 6x one-to-one meetings

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Session Dates:
Sessions: 14th 19th, 21st, 26th, 28 October and 2nd November 2021

9am – 10am PST / 5pm – 6pm BST / 7pm – 8pm CEST

One-to-One Meetings:
6 X 20min meetings with Prodcos, PODS, Studios, Agents, Managers, Streamers

Date & Time:
3rd, 4th, 5th November 2021
9am – 11am PST / 4pm – 6pm GMT / 6pm – 8pm CET

Zoom Webinar


£650 + VAT per participant

Participants will need to complete and return a focus form outlining the status and requirements of their project and their ambition for joining the programme. Focus forms will be provided by MediaXchange upon registration.

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All Online Programmes will be conducted in English
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“I’m overwhelmed by the positive outcomes and deeply motivated to push my project to the next level.”

Tillmann roth, writer (germany)

“Inspiring days with great new people.  My tea is ready for making a lot o f new drama series.”

anne kolbjornsen, head of drama - anagram (norway)

“It was an exciting experience packed with invaluable information and an amazing opportunity to meet potential new partners.”

michelle zatta, commissioning editor - rai fiction (italy)

In light of continually expanding opportunities provided by the international markets, please contact us to review your corporate interests and projects for coproduction to build business and creative strategies to expand your international presence