Writing, Structuring, and Developing a Hit TV Show with John Yorke

A course dedicated to the nature and craft of storytelling. John Yorke has been behind some of the biggest hits in television (Inc. Wolf Hall, Shameless, Life on Mars) and has distilled that knowledge into a detailed step by step course for both Writers and Executives.


Storytelling for Television Workshop:

Module 1, Advanced Structure & Story Rules: Monday 25th – Friday 29th January 2021 
Module 2, Advanced Character, Dialogue & Multiprotagonism: Monday 15th – Friday 19th February 2021

Understanding the nature and make up of storytelling is essential for developing and producing successful TV programming. John Yorke, who is behind some of the biggest hits in television (inc. Wolf HallShamelessLife on Mars), has distilled his knowledge and experience into a detailed step by step course.

Over two modules, each fifteen sessions over five days, we’ll explore technique, structure and theory, as well as the methodology to transform knowledge into concrete application for writing, structuring and developing hit TV dramas.

Who should apply:
·  Writers
·  Script Editors
·  Story Editors
·  Development Executives
·  Executive Producers
·  Commissioners

Workshop Brochure with session times and module content
Registration Page for full registration terms and programme fees

All Online Programmes will be conducted in English

“This is a marvellous analysis of screenwriting and, with any luck, should help a great many people achieve their dreams

Julian Fellowes


“Love storytelling? John Yorke dissects the structure of stories with a joyous enthusiasm allied to precise, encyclopedic knowledge.  Guaranteed to send you back to your writing desk with newfound excitement and drive

Chris Chibnall


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