Tuesday 12th, Wednesday 13th and Thursday 14th

December, 2023

Morning Session: 11:30am – 1:00pm

Afternoon Session: 3:00pm – 4:30pm

A series of 6x 1.5-hour online online workshops aimed directly at the screen entertainment industry’s managers and leaders, writers, directors, producers, independent TV and film companies, and below the line production roles.

Understanding the fast-moving challenge of AI and the exponential changes generative models are already having on the Film Value Chain are critical for all practitioners in the screen entertainment industries.

AI is now (yes, already!) ubiquitous and is impacting on underlying rights and IP, copyright; screen writing; production planning; physical and digital production practice and delivery, vast types of algorithms and performance execution.

AI will not take your job. It’s someone who knows how to use AI who will…

Richard Baldwin

Former President, Centre for Economic Policy Research

Sessions will encourage questions, debate and interaction, and will be supported by a series of curated ‘AI learning packs’ prepared by the course director, Dr. Angus Finney, to enable further professional development around the subject

Course director

Dr. Angus Finney

Dr. Angus Finney

Dr. Angus Finney is a world leading film and entertainment business specialist, author, and an executive producer.

His current screen entertainment work includes working with Martin Scorsese’s Executive Producer, Niels Juul and his LA-based No Fat Ego, on a $500m content fund; Oscar-nominated production company Good Chaos’s business raise and executive producing the new South African feature Mrs Plum, shooting first quarter 2024, and the Susan Sarandon starrer Tunnels, with Bankside, Circle of Confusion and Dancing Fox.

His current area of research is around AI and the creative industries, where he is co-authoring a paper with Dr Allegre Hadida (Cambridge University) around AI: commerce versus creativity.





Where AI came from, how it works, and what impact it is having on the film, TV/streaming business so far.


How AI is influencing and impacting on key parts of the Film Value Chain in detail; where its utility lies for practitioners and companies – and what threats are arising.


Where AI is heading, and how the screen entertainment industries can be best prepared and engaged with the inevitable challenges upon us.


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